The first inhabited of Niutaoan were half spirit and half human beings who lived at Mulitefao. The leader was a woman name by Kulu.

Years later, settler came from Samoa in a canoe captained by Mataika. He and his crews settled on Tamana the eastern side of the island.

Two Century later, warriors from Tonga arrived Niutao Island for the purpose of conquer the Island. Instead there were defeated by the warriors of Niutao. The battle took place on the reef known as 'Taga A Kaupapa'.  Later on, the second invasion took placed and again Tongan faced the same circumstance. The third invasion occurred in the later 16th century and the fourth following the Tongans were defeated at a place called Teikamaitoga.

In the 17th Century, the warriors from Kiribati island arrived the Island for the same purpose of the Tongan.  The battle took place on Tuteatua and Agaia. The Kiribati stood at Tuteatua and Niutao warrios stood at Agaia. And again the Kiribati warriors were also defeated by the Niutao warriors.

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